It is very difficult to be honest with yourself in the world of our lives disguised by vcso-filters. To luxuriate in the warm spring sunshine, eat sweets, do not have time for hanging out or just reading. Our world became unbeatably demanding — there are lots of supermen around us that sometimes one feels like being a bedside table in the world of achievements.

I believe in our product. I believe in the process, in love that flows when something worth is being made. And it is not always about the unique product. What is worthy of being noted in our world of amazing advertising stories? It is an Individual, a Person who finds strength to declare, to let go release the unseen, to tell the world his story, to show that there is truth only for him. To let go it into the world and become Stronger, more Open to the world and to the Truth inside of yourself.

Be honest with yourself. Go to the end. So if you opened slightly the veil of mystery of your soul I wish you to find the one who would feel it.

Text Liliya Mykytyak


Vona Dmytra


Aleksandra Darpinyants


Oleksandr Myhajlov


Sergij Kovbasyuk


Iryna Khmelnytska