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Suede kimono suit, two-sided, brown colour

Безкоштовна доставка!

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Free movement, comfort, the beauty of lines and ability to suit all the basic wardrobe pieces-our kimono gives all this to its owner. The simple cut shows the true beauty of women’s body and tells them they can be themselves and not give up on this.
Moreover, you get true satisfaction when natural eco-suede and soft knitwear touch your body.
Free, straight cut, two-sided, without a fastener. One side is suede with pockets, the other is light-gray knitwear. Cuffs are used to adjust the length of the sleeves.
Pants are made from one layer of suede, an elastic band is used, pockets in the seams.
Manual wash 30°C. After the washing iron only the side with the knitwear. Doesn’t scold while being worn.
80% cotton
20% polyester
Jacket length-27,55 inch (70cm)
Sleeves length-23,62 inch (60cm)
Pants length-31,88 inch (81cm) Including the elastic band
Size: Bust: 33.07-36.22 inch (84-92cm), Waist: 26-29.13inch (66-74cm), Hip: 35.43-38.6inch (90-98cm)
M: Bust: 37.8-39.4inch (96-100cm), Waist: 30.7-32.3inch (78-82cm), Hip: 40.15-41.73inch (102-106cm)
Measurements of the woman on the photo: Height 67,7 inch (172cm), waist 23,6 inch (60cm), 36,22 inch (92cm), breast 33.85 inch (87cm), kimono size is S


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