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Trench dress made of ramie

Безкоштовна доставка!

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Long dress with the loose cut. Handmade ornamental drawings of blue poppies are made using only natural and harmless paints. Because of this slight change of fabric’s tone can occur. Drawing is sun- and washing-resistant and doesn’t lose its brightness over time. Loose sleeves with folds. The wide belt is included. Fastener: One hidden button and zips. The fabric used in one dress: 315 inch. This model can be ordered without a picture. Blue poppies are applied using the metal piece, which I got from my grandfather-blacksmith. It was used to decorate temples. There is a legend about blue poppy. It states that more than 200 years were spent to find this poppy. It’s considered very rare because it grows only on the highest parts of mountains and has this unique blue color.

All models are sewed in Ukraine using high-quality Italian fabric. Hidden narrow seams deliver maximum comfort and visual delight.

Wash only using hands or in delicate washing mode with the temperature below 40˚С using non-aggressive detergents.

Fabric:100% ramie

Size Bust: 33.07-37.8inch (84-100cm), Waist: 26-30.7inch (66-78cm), Hip: 35.43-40.15inch (90-102cm) 

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Fabric:100% ramie.

Allows the body to freely breathe


Natural antiseptic Antibacterial

Easy to wash

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